Yu Lian, PhD, is currently a professor of the school of software and microelectronics at Peking University. She was graduated from the Department of computer engineering and electronic engineering, Yokohama National University, japan in April 1999. From 2000 to 2005, she was in the United States State University Arizona engaging postdoctoral research work. She joined the school of software and microelectronics at Peking University in September 2005. In recent years, she mainly engaged in the theory and method of research of high reliability software development, situational awareness services, distributed software development and other aspects. She has been involved in project cooperation for Intel, IBM, Motorola and other companies, was mainly responsible for end to end software system development and testing, software system development based on SOA, development of community of interest (COI) model driven by SOA, embedded system and web services testing, engaging in the research of the parallel machine scheduling, and participated in the research and development of the scheduling system based on the fuzzy mathematical reasoning theory for the semiconductor manufacturing industry. She got the "best student paper award" presented by Computation Intelligence Committee IEEE: Software Evolution with UML and XML, published more than 50 papers in the core journals and international conferences.