Wei-Tek TSAI, distinguished professor of the "1,000 Talents Plan", Chair Professor of Changjiang Scholar Program.He got the bachelor’s degree in computer science of United States Massachusetts Institute of technology MIT in 1979 and PhD in computer science of United States University of California, Berkeley in 1985.Hetaught at University of Minnesota and Arizona State University's Department of computer science for more than 30 years, training more than 80 doctors, publishing more than 400 papers and 5 books. He service areas including computing, software engineering, cloud computing, crowdsourcing and block chain. As the president of International Conference for thirty years. He served as project manager of smart city of European Union and a number of software engineering and service of United States. His research work has been accepted and applied by United States Department of Defense, Guidant, Intel, Cray Research, US WEST, Japan Fujitsu, Hitachi, and other multinational institutions.