Meeting agenda (time and place):

March 29thThere will be a blockchain expert speech from China and British in the University of Oxford

March 30th to 31th: to have a visit in the financial city of London, We will visit Group Z/Yen and visit the surrounding institutions, such as the British central bank in one day and we will visit Level 39, in the afternoon to visit Barclays bank in another.

April 1st: UK blockchain experts will make a speech at the University of Oxford, and Level 39 of some companies may be present.

Related expenses (accommodation, transportation):

At the University of Oxford, 2 people's accommodation costs about 510 dollars (3 nights, double room, including breakfast). Also can choose the student dormitory of University of Oxford, and the price is lower.

For details, please see:

We'll have a lunch and a dinner.

We will arrange a round-trip travel in Oxford and London, as well as a one-way fare from Oxford to London.

Activity freely in one day during the meeting of the afternoon of 4:30.

Return time is self-scheduled.