Digital Society & Blockchain Laboratory, on the occasion of IEEE International Workshop on Blockchain and Smart Contracts which is held at Oxford University, will visit the City of London and acquire their achievements and plans in the area of digital currency. The visiting time is from Mar. 29th, 2016 to Apr. 1st, 2016.


The following institutions or individuals have agreed or may attend this conference:


1. The British block-chain related companies, including regulatory units,

2. The Bank of England, which is the first central bank paying high value on the digital currency, and UK Treasury, which is also the first to focus on digital currency in the world,

3. The Mayor of London, who sets the London financial technology as the strategic direction,

4. Barclays Bank, the important British bank which has made a great of contributions and focused on the research and application of block-chain,

5. Level 39, a stronghold of the British finance technology, encompassing many financial technology companies,

6. University College London (UCL), having the only research center of block-chain in U.K., containing many faculties,

7. Z/Yen Group, a major think tank of London, which was established in 1994 and has the director who has made important achievements in block-chain,

8. UK Chief Scientific Adviser, chief scientist, publishing an important white paper about the importance of block-chain, who argues the need of ministerial leadership,

9. London School of Economics,

10. Britain's best block-chain experts.


We will invite some experts to give lectures on Mar. 29th in London. We will visit the City of London on Mar. 30th and Mar. 31st. The seminar with experts in Oxford University will be held in Apr. 1st.


Since the meeting places are limited, please register early. The registration fee is 1050 dollars.

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