Name: Luo Jiaolin (March Luo)
Phone: 13911885504
2014 - 2012: Chief File System Architect, Storage BU, IT Product Line, Huawei Inc.
2012 - 2008: Architect, Storage BU, IT Product Line, Huawei-Symantec JV Inc.
       Especially designed and guided the next generation architecture XVE of Huawei
                 storage BU.
2008 - 2005: SMV Technologies, co-founder
2014-2012: 华为IT产品线存储业务BU首席文件系统架构师
2012-2008: 华为赛门铁克IT业务存储BU架构师
Partial Published Patents (More than 11):
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[2] Server and method for the server to access a volume, USA Patent #8,495,165
[3] Method and device for prolonging flash chip service life, IPC G06F17/30 CN103678148(A)
[4] Method, device and equipment for accessing files
[5] Storage method and apparatus which are based on data content identification
[6] Method for implementing disk array, and method and apparatus for reading and writing
[7] Snapshot method and solid state drive
[8] Method, device and system for memory mirror processing
[9] Network-based storage space management method and server
[10] Method, device and system for processing storage hotspots in distributed storage
[11] Cloud service accessing method device and communication system thereof for mobile terminal