Logistics Management System Based on Permissioned Blockchains and RFID Technology

Author:Rong Wang , Wei-Tek Tsai, Juan He, Can Liu, Qi Li, Enyan Deng

Affiliations: Digital Society & Blockchain Laboratory, Beihang University Beijing, China;

Beijing Tiande Technologies No.18 Suzhou Street, Haidian District, Beijing, China.

Abstract:In the traditional logistics management system, it usually involves the integration of

information flow, transportation, warehousing and security. However, in the actual process, it is not easy to verify and track the goods in transit while responding to emergencies. In addition, due to the lack of transparency, the accident caused by the whole process is extremely difficult. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology can better solve the problems of visual tracking and complicated operation in logistics management. Blockchain (BC) technology can make organizations more transparent, democratic, distributed, more effective and safer. The use of BC technology can build a traceable and identifiable system for the logistics industry from production, warehousing to distribution, and protect logistics security in a complex supply chain system for cross-regional logistics. In this paper, we design and develop a logistics management system based on permissioned BCs and RFID technology. This system uses RFID chip, smart contract and permissioned BCs technology to improve the transparency of logistics management and automation of information collection and reduce the risk of logistics security. Finally, the validity of the design scheme is proved by combining specific application scenarios with an actual case.

Keywords:Logistics management system, permissioned blockchains, RFID, smart contract.